Bathroom Remodeling and Killer Bunnies Weekend

This weekend was actually very productive. My best-friend Tim was down to visit and help me do some serious remodel work in the bathroom. We ripped out the floor and replaced it with vinyl adhesive tile squares and also replaced the toilet. A lot of work, but it was also kind of fun. Okay, maybe ripping the floor out wasn't that fun.

I also saw that the Packers dropped yet another game. This is getting to the point where I simply need to start hoping they lose to get a higher draft pick. They have already destroyed their playoff hopes and even saving some face at this point is unlikely. I say we just go for Reggie Bush.

We also played some Killer Bunnies at my friend Josh's. If you are unfamiliar, Killer Bunnies is a pretty hilarious card game. It is pretty nerdy due to the sheer volume of rules, but it is fun and provides for a great social environment. For more info, go to http://www.killerbunnies.com.

I am hoping that I can stay home tonight. I really need to clean my turtle's tank and continue to work on the bathroom. I am kind of committed to helping out with a youth event tonight, but hopefully they can make due without me. I'll have to drop the youth pastor a line and see if I'm expendable.

Hope you all are having a great day!

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