Less than a month until I'm a dad!?!

It's hard to believe that we are in the final stretch of the pregnancy right now. I can still remember the moment that Jamie yelled from the bathroom for me to come quickly. It's funny how in commercials they show a couple eagerly hovering over the pregnancy test waiting for the results. That didn't really happen for us, but maybe we are the exception.

Jamie is ready to have this kid already too. As she puts it, "I want my body back." I can never really understand what that must be like, but I'm sure it's frustrating. Not being comfortable 95% of the time, being told you can only sleep a certain way, being constantly tired, having people constantly rubbing your belly; I'm sure it gets old fast.

But soon it will all be over. Soon we will have a baby to hold and take care of and I'm actually really eager to get there. I might change my tune once the baby is here, but I don't see how parents ever put their kid down after they hold them for the first time. I will certainly have a difficult time doing that.

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