Still no baby...

I can't believe it, but still no baby. It's become almost laughable at this point. I know that it's just a matter of time, but I never would have guessed it would take this long. The Wednesday inducement is looking like the only way that kid is coming out.

This weekend I watched a lot of playoff football. One game in particular was hard to watch. I have been intrigued with the Bengals all season and a part of me was hoping that they would make it all the way to the Super Bowl. It wasn't meant to be though.

On the first pass of his playoff career, Carson Palmer has his knee obliterated. Torn ACL & MCL. Jon Kitna comes into try and fix matters, but doesn't get the job done. A very good Bengals team is now going home. Ouch.

I finished up another videogame that I got for Christmas this weekend. This time it was Sly Cooper. I have now completed two of the five games I got for Christmas. I still plan on going back through them to unlock all the bonus material though.

As a note, I probably won't be posting as often (or maybe just the opposite?) once we have the kid. Just a thought...

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