Email Posting

Since I am no longer able to really go on the internet for “leisure” purposes at work, I am going to try and post via email. Hopefully this works. I’m not sure what this means as far as photos either. I’ll try throwing a picture in at the end of this post to see if it makes the conversion, but I have my doubts.

Last night was a pretty good time. Jamie, Leah and I went to the youth ministry large group. We played a long game of dodgeball and a weird version of capture the flag. I personally don’t think sports gets any better than dodgeball. It’s just pure adrenaline and pain. Always fun.

Not much else going on really. Just wanted to see if this email post thing would be worthwhile.


joshua.michael said...

Hey man!

I noticed they are signing up Dodgeball teams at the Y again. That would be so sweet! Do you think you, me, C-los and some other guys could get a team together by the 10th?

joshua.michael said...

hey man! I see sign up for dodgeball is going on at the Y right now? Interested?