The Wonderous Cross

After reading Kelly's blog, I felt motivated to write my own thoughts about this past Easter.

Most years, I have been distracted by the good food and family interactions at Easter (which are good things as well), but this year my Easter really was all about Jesus. We went to a Good Friday service at church that was really moving. In fact, worship in general has been really powerful for me lately.

Ever since we decided to take the job at Pine Lake, I feel as though Christ is right there with me during worship. I have occasionally felt this closeness to Him before, but never so consistently. It's amazing. I really feel as though I finally am going down the path He designated for me and that He is going to be an ever present help through all of this.

At the same time, this has made me even more aware of the ugly sin in my life. I generally live a good life, but I know that Jesus has so much more for me and wants me to live a life of blessing and free of all the stupid troubles that sin causes me. I am really motivated to "take out the trash" so to speak so that when I get back to Wisconsin I can start over not just my career, but my spiritual life as well.

Thank you Lord for giving me and my family such an amazing opportunity to serve you daily. Guide me and lead me in a way that I can always see your path and be drawn to your greatness and grace. Thank you for the cross and thank you for giving me a life of giving and receiving love.

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