Death From Above!!!!!!

Well, after an enjoyable evening of walking in Westfield (discovering a nice cross country trail and finding that Westfield HS actually has an 18 hole disc golf course), Jamie, Leah and I were on our way home to eat some dinner and watch the Amazing Race. It was a great end to a pretty great night.

And then it happened...well almost.

As we were driving down County Road M, it was really about the same as every other drive. We saw a few deer and I, as always, almost forgot about a rather sharp curve. No big deal.

Then, out of the darkness, this giant flash of white, gray and black comes from the right side of the road. I slam on the brakes and kind of cringed as I figured we were definitely going to hit this "thing." Time slowed down like the Matrix or one of the other hundered movies and videogames that use the stop-motion. I then realized what was going to end up in my lap: an owl.

I've hit raccoons, opossums, rabbits, squirrels and an assortment of birds, but never an owl. And I still haven't. Some how we missed it by literally inches. It was to the point where we could clearly make out the feather patterns when it pulled away from my side of the windshield.

After the shock wore off, Jamie and I joked about the awkward call to the insurance company we would have had to make.

"Yeah, hi, American Family? This is Nick. We hit an animal with our car last night...no, not a deer...no, not a raccoon...actually...it was an owl."

Thankfully we all survived. That would have been gross, expensive and time consuming. And it's a great story either way.

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joshua.michael said...

It would been even funnier if later, a BADGER would come and EAT the owl!!!