Too much TV!!!

Having a DVR is such a mixed blessing. While I truly enjoy being able to watch the shows I want and skip commercials, it also gives you too much power. With the recent crop of actually good shows (Studio 60, Heroes, Survivor, Biggest Loser, Jericho, The Office, etc.), my wife and I are suddenly buried in TV. And that doesn't even bring our Netflix into the picture.

As nice as this problem is, it also kind of stresses me out. I never thought I would feel the "need" to watch TV, but I almost feel obligated to watch my recorded shows in a timely fashion. There is no actual expiration or rule that we have to watch shows quickly, but it does feel that way.

So here is my new plan: only watch 1 show a night. While that will put us way behind (see? I treat it like it's work or something), it is probably for the best of our family and it will help us to appreciate the now dwindling daylight.

So tonight's show is The Office, with Survivor being recorded. Maybe we can holdout and watch Survivor tomorrow....This is going to be painful.


uncle tim said...

that is pretty funny that we posted that at the same time. As for TV, I do the same thing! I have DVR, and yet I feel like I need to let the show get halfway through and then catch up to the live TV. WHY?! That stupid little box of mind control!

uncle tim said...

dude, I think your camp really gypped you out of a good TV. console TV's are SO 1970.

joshua.michael said...

This is a little off topic...but Nick I my say you look really similar to Dalton Ross from "Survivor Live"

Check it out..