"There's no time!!!"

Now that we are 4 inches buried in snow (which is a good thing since it is already mid-January), the nightlife of Jamie and I largely consists of TV. Sad, but true.

The most obvious viewing right now is the two day 24 hour season premiere which wrapped up last night. It was a good start with some compelling moments including Jack Bauer wrestling with his own mortality after getting out of a Chinese prison. Oh yeah, and they blew up a nuclear bomb at the end of the last show. That always makes for good TV.

The craziest thing about 24 though is all the implausible events an liberties they take with the show. Here is the short list:

1. Jack's cellphone battery life - Seriously, no one has that much talking battery life with out plugging the phone in.
2. CTU's "amazing" computer tricks - Enhancement of a pixelated image doesn't just make it crystal clear. A pixelated image is a pixelated image. Sorry.
3. Terrorists sure know each other well - There is a reason why terrorist groups are successful and this show does not show it. It's not because they are smart or innovative, it's because they are so seemingly un-connected that they are near impossible to track.
4. Jack's support team = death warrant - Alright, next time you are on a tactical squad to help Jack, just don't go. You are going to die, he is going to live.
5. Arabic families are all linked to terrorism - Season 4 & now season 6 have shown arabic families with strong ties to terrorism. The media is having a real hard time showing arab families in non-threatening situations. Kind of sad.

I know it's just a show, but it's just hard to commit to the plot when there are so many red flags going up in my head. Hopefully they can tighten some of this stuff up so I can get drawn in without having to come up for air so often.


ryan said...

so over all, yea or nea?
another point to the show, for me at least, is that it reminds us that there really are people out there who want this sort of thing to happen...not trying to go all right wing on ya, but you git tha gist...

muzik said...

As long as it doesn't get as far out there as Lost I'll be happy. I had to give up on that show. I'm glad that they are showing the human side of Jack. NOw we need to see the human side of McBride.