Snakes in an Office

The unthinkable has happened. I have a giant snake loose in the office with me. Yikes.

I suppose this was always possible since we do have a nature area in the same building. I actually have had this recurring thought that someday it will be like that scene in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure when he sees the pet store on fire and starts rescuing animals. He runs back and forth saving everything (including goldfish in little bags) before finally running out with handfuls of snakes and passing out on the sidewalk outside.

In my case, it was much different. This morning I walked past one of the office and saw out of the corner of my eye a snake. Of course I kind of walk-ran the rest of the way down the hall. Then I slowly walked back to the door to look at it.

I know the snake isn't deadly, heck it probably doesn't even bite. But I'm pretty sure "snake-handling" was not in my job description. Especially when the thing is like 3 feet long. Gross.

I have a co-worker coming in to pick it up. If you do see a post from me soon, I'm probably in this thing's belly.


uncle tim said...

no freaking way! That is awesome. Sorry about your iPod...that blows, man. Nano is a good option...but I certainly enjoy being able to take my entire library wherever I go. Tough call. Too bad your satellite upload speeds aren't awesome...couldn't you access your home iTunes library from the office?

Jeanne said...

Sneaky, stinking snake. tell it to go back to its cage and leave you alone.

T said...

Sometimes I miss you guys soo much it hurts.....Tammy

Nick said...

Rest assured, the snake has since been subdued and safely returned to his containment unit. Apparently someone forgot to push the lid down completely.

Also, for the record, I did not have any snake nightmares last night.

ryan said...

Gotta love the Pee-Wee Big Adventure reference!

"I'm a loner Dottie. A rebel."

joshua.michael said...

Man, I can totally picture you running out of your burning office with a bunch of snakes in your hands.

Too funny!