The Difficulty of Thursdays...

For some reason I have a harder time dealing with Thursdays than I do with any other day of the week.

I know most people find Mondays to be the ending of all human existence, but they aren't that bad really. You are typically coming off a weekend refreshed or at least with a few great stories to tell your coworkers. Tuesday is okay too since you are still not burned out and "at least it's not Monday." Wednesday is the official middle of the week making it a sort of mental milestone.

Then there is Thursday though. By now I am typically burned out and ready for it to be Friday. In addition to that, Thursday is typically the day that I fast.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not getting down on fasting. I love it. If I didn't appreciate it, I wouldn't be doing it. It can become a bit difficult considering the broken state my body is already in on Thursdays though. As if I wasn't already under attack spiritually, I go and fast leaving myself even more open to attack. Good thing I have trust in my God.

So that's my difficulty with Thursdays. They are a day of not quite being at the finish but being far enough from the start that you quite say you don't want to run the race. You are committed to the week and you might as well limp across the finish line. Somedays I just wish the limping came with a little less effort.

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