The Temptation of the Fog

As I was pulling up to the parking lot at work today, I looked past about a 100 yards and saw a pretty mysterious looking cloud of fog. I normally would dismiss this as simple weather, but given my recent internal questions about my career, it seemed rather fitting.

Nearest to me was my place of work; easy to find and familiar. However just beyond that familiar scenery was a world that was covered in mystery. It could work out better than my current situation or it could mean I live a life of regret and "I wish" statements for at least a few months. In simple terms, leaving is a gamble.

That's not to say I haven't considered it though. I did a little research and found a position just across the street that might be more challenging than my current job. Heck, sometimes I think working at a grocery store would be more challenging though.

But in the end, as it is with most things in life, it comes down to people. Even if you work in the fog, you can still hear the voices of those that are important to you. Where I currently work I have a great group of friends (not just co-workers) who I know care about me and want me to succeed. I'm not sure I am willing to gamble all of that.

And even better than all of that, I have a group of people here who are willing to support me in my faith. I never thought I would have a job that would allow me to be encouraged by other Christians while I was working. My boss alone is one of my current Christian rolemodels. Not to mention that the president of my company sings in the worship band at my church on Sunday mornings. How great is it to work somewhere and know that the decisions they are making aren't just to make money, but also keep in mind the teachings of Christ.

I guess that's why the fog is so scary at times though. You never know what is lurking in there. Fortunately for me I don't feel the need to risk venturing in there as long as I have such a rewarding situation right now.

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