Victory is mine!

This past weekend was quite possibly one of the single greatest moments in playing card sports history. In what can only be called an "instant classic" I finally won a game of Killer Bunnies. It was nothing spectacular really. In fact, I question if I should have even been alive at the end of the game due to a lack of bunny (which in retrospect I notice as becoming a trend of mine in that game), but I purchased one right at the end to pull out the victory. No longer would I be denied victory by this glorious game. No more would I be a pawn in this cruel game of chance. I had finally arrived as a Killer Bunnies Champion!

Until the next game when I was completely annihilated once again.

That a side though, the weekend was great. My wife and I are now proud owners of our own stove, washer and dryer (all of which were given to us as gifts for free which is always welcome). I am literally counting down the days until we move into the house at this point. I can't wait to start doing "house stuff." I look forward to creating a place that is truly our own that I don't have to worry about losing our security deposit when we try and move.

Some of the more interesting concepts for the house are the following:

1. Stadium seating in the TV/Computer/Videogame Room created with some mason blocks or maybe even a wooden platform if I feel really handy.

2. A coffee table made out of clear plexiglass which would also be the aquarium for my turtle in addition to any other aquatic life. Kills two birds with one stone: gives the turtle more space to roam around and it would be a great conversation piece.

3. Model train around the top of at least one room with potential for a tunnel into additional rooms in the future. This would probably go in the TV/C/VG room also.

4. Finish off the basement and turn it into a boardgame/pingpong area complete with laminated table tops for Risk, Killer Bunnies, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit...all the classics.

5. The previous owner has a makeshift darkroom established in the basement. I would like to see that come to completion so it is a working darkroom. It would really allow for some great art in the house as well as allow my wife to get deeper into a hobby she already enjoys.

And that is just the short list. I have big plans for this house. Big plans that will likely keep me busy until I am about 53 years-old. I just need to prioritize and start knocking them down. It will be a good time.

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Joshua.Michael said...

We are all proud of you man! Victory s sometimes so sweet! Conrats!