Rough Weekend: 4 Losses and 1 Win

Don't be deceived by the cute face and floppy ears. That mammal has a death wish...(more on this later)

So this weekend was pretty horrendous for me. I am actually quite surprised I even came to work today after the extreme beating I have just received. Let me recap:

Loss #1: Badgers Vs. Hawkeyes

I kind of had a feeling this one was coming. The Badgers were invincible for most of the season but once Michigan State derails you it is probably hard to rally back. And I am also convinced that to win away at any Big Ten school is pretty close to impossible.

Loss #2: Finding out my turtle is really a girl

This isn't so much a loss as it is a kick in the pants. I have had a pet turtle for about 2 years now and was told it was a male when I bought it. Therefore I named it Stuart, a cute yet masculine name.

Well, on Sunday I went to the pet store to buy some turtle food and my wife and I were looking at the other turtles (she wants one of her own despite the fact that she is afraid to touch the one we already have). I was looking at them and noticed that some had vicious looking claws. I asked the store clerk why that was and I was told that was how you can tell if you have a male or female. The friggin' claws.

So it turns out "Stuart" is really more of a "Stuarta." Crap.

Loss #3: Winless streak at Killer Bunnies continues

For the past few weeks, my wife and I have been playing Killer Bunnies with Joshua.Michael and his wife. We always have a great time and the addition of the red deck was the equivalent of discovering America when all we knew was Europe.

Unfortunately, I have yet to win a single game. Now don't get me wrong, I am not bitter about this, in fact, it is almost comical. If you are unfamiliar with the game, there is a great deal of luck involved, but I refuse to believe I am really this devoid of luck.

Last night was a crazy game that had momentum swing literally to every player before it finally ended. When all the carrots were gone, I had no bunny in front of me, therefore I lost my carrots along with my slim hopes of victory.

Loss #4: Videotape stops in the middle of the 3rd quarter

The one reason I didn't want to go to play Killer Bunnies was because I wanted to stay home and watch the Packers play the Texans. I had a feeling it would be a good game (and it was), but I also wanted to spend time with our friends. I had some inner turmoil, but ultimately put my trust in a videotape and left to lose again at Killer Bunnies.

When we came home, I was careful not to see the score before I started the tape. I found myself fast forwarding through commericals at first and then between snaps and even through kickoffs. I just wanted to know the final score and go to bed (it was about 12:30 at this point).

And then it happened. The tape stopped. Half way through the 3rd quarter, Packers losing 13 to 3, and the tape stops. My weekend officially was in the crapper. Guess I'll just have to look online...

Win #1 (and only): Packers beat Texans 16-13

I'm pretty sure God doesn't have a vested interest in the outcome of organized sports, but for some reason I prayed a little before I checked the final score. The game was already long over, but I didn't care. In retrospect I think the movie Simon Birch put it best when it says that if God is concerned with our bake sales (or the outcome of a Packer game) we are all in a whole lot of trouble.

At any rate, I clicked on ESPN.com and quickly scanned the headlines: nothing. I look over to the sidebar and there it was: 2-min. Drill Sgt.: Favre, Pack win on final drive.

I swear I heard angels sining when I read that. I quickly clicked on the article and read over the game summary. Turns out after the tape ended the Packers got their act together and won the game as time expired on a 45-yard field goal (similar to the end of last week's win over the Vikings). A wins a win though and the Packers are still in first place in the NFC North!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. Filled with heartache and a roller coaster of emotions, it was a weekend for the ages. Sure hope Thanksgiving weekend is a little bit less of a downer. Not sure my heart can take many more of those!

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Joshua.Michael said...

Man...that is so funny about your turtle. So you have lotws of baby turtles swimming around in your tank? Man, I can't believe the tape stopped for the Pakers game. That happened to me two weeks ago when I had someone tape the Minnesota/Iowa game. Only in that situation the game didn't tape at all.

You will have your day in the bunnie sun soon. Do you want to play this Friday night? Let us know.