My Backyard Amazon

My Backyard Amazon
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I knew going into buying a house that there would be a lot of work involved. I mean, there is a reason we were able to get this house so cheap and it can't all be from the flourescent green paint job.

Last night Jamie and I tackled the backyard pretty hard. The overgrowth in recent weeks has been pretty ridiculous. We were only gone for a few weeks, but when we finally got back home, it wasn't pretty.

The more we started pulling weeds and things that looked like weeds, the more we are starting to realize that there was at one time a plan to all the vegetation around the house. It may not look like it now, but you can see there was at one time a very deliberate pattern to the placement of flowers and bushes.

We only covered about a 12 foot along the side of the house, but it was a big victory really. It's always difficult to get motivated that first time. I think we should be able to keep on moving now that the wheels are turning. We were talking last night that if the weather holds out we might even try to tackle the entire backyard!

Another important addition from a while ago, the fire ring, saw a lot of action last night. We have quite a pile of pulled out stumps, trimmed branches and old lattice that is a real eye sore, so I started burning it all last night. I would throw few things on, pull some weeds, throw some more wood on, pull some more weeds. By the end of the night the pile had gone done quite a bit.

I should really get some pictures from our house either on here or on my Flickr account. Maybe I'll get around to doing that this weekend...


nfzy7tupx59aimv said...
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socom said...

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Nick said...

I was part of the beta test for Socom 3, but I am pretty much broke right now. Hopefully someday soon I can afford that game but probably not for a few months at least.