A New Approach to Prayer

Perhaps it's because I was never formally trained. Perhaps it's because I'm just not very good at it. Or perhaps it's because I simply do not practice enough.

Whatever the reason, I have never felt very good at prayer. Sure, there are moments when I feel like a prayer all-star, where I use all the right words and for some reason I just know that my words are going straight to God and He has this big smile on His face. Then there are other times when I am sputtering and suddenly in the middle of my prayer I lose focus and don't know what to say next.

Yesterday I listened to a podcast from Covenant Life Church that was a great new way to look at prayer. It focused on how prayer is much more an example of showing we are helpless without God than it is a petition for His care. God cares for us regardless if we pray or not (a concept that makes sense to me, but I never really thought about), but it brings Him joy to know that we are surrendered to Him.

So now I find myself praying to simply keep my ego in check. I reveal my struggles and joys to God like an eager child who is desiring the affection and care from their parents. Hopefully I can keep this mindset for the next few months as my life seems to be quite the rollercoaster as of late.

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