A lack of direction

I had a bit of a curve ball thrown at me yesterday. I try not to discuss work very much in my blog, but my boss took me out to lunch to discuss what my short term goals are. The scary thing is that I really haven't thought about it. Ever since I left college I have just put in my time. I don't have a destination so to speak in mind.

Don't get me wrong, I want to advance. I want to succeed. But at what? I know I have a passion and a calling for ministry, but I have never been sure if that is full-time or just as a volunteer as I am now. Jamie and I know long-term that we want to run a camp (hopefully in Wisconsin), but that seems pretty far off in the distance right now.

To further confuse matters, my best friend emailed me yesterday asking me what I would consider doing as a full-time Christian ministry/business. He suggested something like a retreat center in the Twin Cities area. I'm not sure that would work for me, but it is perking a sense of curiousity in me.

Lord, please give me a hint of the plan you have for my life. I know you don't want me to be anxious, but I am eager to follow and do Your will for my life. Please bless me with a work that is both enjoyable for my being as well as benefitial for Your kingdom. Amen.

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