Snow is finally here!

I'm not a meteorologist or anything, but that looks like a lot of snow. Considering mankato is right in the middle of that mess I would say we will get quite a bit more as well. It was actually quite nice to do some shoveling this morning. Great way to get the blood flowing nice and early.

Last night we had a large group for the senior high youth ministry. The senior high youth pastor just had surgery for a hernia yesterday so I filled in along with one of my friends. We thought we were well prepared. We were wrong.

The night was supposed to have a drama by one of the senior high youth. It turned out that she knew nothing about the drama and ended up bailing on us. So instead, we just did an informal Bible study and I talked a little at the end about the decisions students can make about sex when they are in high school. It is a tricky topic with kids. They are being told sex is a great thing, but at the same time they shouldn't mess with it. I don't disagree with the truth of that message, but it certainly can be confusing for kids.

We also played this crazy game that my friend Jake taught us. It's called "Buck, Buck." To play it, you make a line of kids kind of hunch over and then another kid runs and jumps on top of them. Then, as more kids pile up, either the line below them collapses or those jumping on top fall off. Who ever holds out the longest wins. Pretty hilarious stuff.

I stayed after until about 9:30 to watch football and talk to some of the youth. I had a long talk with one student who is a strong atheist and is really bitter towards God. I did my best to present a message of hope to him, but he is just too bitter to listen. I am hopeful that he will keep coming back so I can just show him love and grace.

Not much going on tonight. Jamie and I will probably watch the Biggest Loser finale (yeah, I know, but we are hooked on the show, okay?) and the Amazing Race. Other than that, just doing laundry to catch up from the weekend and probably some dishes.

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Zach said...

Score one for snow! Thats awesome to hear that God is using you in so many ways. Have a great one man don't get too buried.