Shower Surround Installed

This isn't a picture of our bathroom, but it is a picture of the shower surround I installed last night. I still need to caulk all the seams and install the new shower head/faucet, but the hard part is certainly over. It really feels like a totally different bathroom now that the gross tile is out of there. Now we just need to scrape the remaining adhesive off the walls, repair some holes and paint.

I typically don't do home improvements when a Packer game is on, but last night wasn't much of a game. It was just plain depressing. I read this morning that Favre left the stadium without even talking to the media. I hope this isn't a sign that he has had enough and plans to retire. I wouldn't blame him though. It seems like the team has given up on him at this point.

I received the first email response from the sports camp movies I sent out this weekend. It was a really great email from a camper who said she hasn't been the same since camp and how eager she is for activities at her church. It was really encouraging to hear from her and the impact camp has had on her. I am kind of eager to see if I will get anymore responses now!

I forgot to mention this, but when I was working on the shower I stabbed myself in the hand with a screw driver pretty good. I was trying to get a piece of the surround material out of a 2-1/8" hole adapter for my drill and a ended up stabbing myself pretty hard in the knuckle. It hurt pretty good, but I luckily hit myself in the knuckle instead of the meat of my hand. It could have been bad.

A woman I work with who had the same due date as Jamie had her baby this past weekend. It kind of hit me how close we are to the finish now. I plan on gathering up the camcorder and camera tonight and making sure they are in working order. In the words of Simon Birch, "I could go at any time." I sure hope so. I can't wait to meet this new addition to our family.

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Jeanne said...

I can hardly wait to meet this wonder either.