My daugther the duck

Duck Suit
Originally uploaded by NickWI.

As we brought Leah home from the hospital on Friday, Jamie and I both knew it was finally time to unveil the going-home outfit.

We had the outfit for a long time and we both knew this was the outfit our child would wear when it went home. I had no idea she would be so darn cute wearing it though.

Life with Leah is still pretty good. She doesn't fuss a whole lot and when she does she can be settled down in a few minutes.

The lack of sleep is still an adjustment, but we are getting by. I'm really glad we got that DVR for recording all our favorite TV shows though. You never know when a poopy diaper will strike.


joshua.michael said...

thats funny that on the Flicker thing on your sidebar all thats on there is "duck" Leah.

I am glad things are going so well. Was it weird going to work. Did you miss Leah?

I hope you realize that your blog has now become an offical "daddy blog"

joshua.michael said...

dude I haven't seen you for awhile. Are you alive man?