Soooo tired...

I apologize for not updating on a more consistent basis. I have been just exhausted the last few days. Some of it is still getting used to the impact Leah is having on our sleeping schedule, but I think even more so it is recovering from having guests at our house week after week. As much as I have enjoyed having them over, I am anxious to have our first weekend with just Jamie, Leah and myself. It will be a nice break.

Last night I spoke at the large group of our senior high youth ministry about the parallels of becoming a dad and the way our Heavenly Father interacts with us. The biggest one for me so far is that Leah cannot really see us unless we are within about 6" from her face. We are always there caring for her, telling her we love her and smiling down at her, but she usually cannot see it. I know that my Father in heaven does the same with me everyday. I just didn't really think about it until we had Leah.

Today I have to leave work early to have a passport made for Leah. I'm not crazy about Leah and Jamie both being gone for so long, but it's important they go. I'm just going to be awfully sad when they do. I sure hope that she remembers me when they get back home.

That's all for now. Like I said before, sorry for not posting very much. Hopefully I can find some time here and there to drop at least a few words every day or two.

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Tim said...

Wait, I either missed something or forgotten something you've posted about earlier... where are your wife and new daughter going that she needs a passport?