Back to the Motherland

I figured I should probably start posting again. I apologize for the relative silence, but life has been a whirlwind lately. Let me explain.

About a month ago my wife and I came to the realization that we could no longer afford for her to stay home with our daughter. We both dreaded the idea of putting her in daycare, but it seemed like the only option. After much prayer and crying, we prayed for God to give us a way out of this situation. Literally a half hour later, I received an email. An email that now looks like it will change our lives for quite a while.

The email was from the person in charge of the United Methodist Camping system in Wisconsin. My wife and I have long said our dream was to run a camp in Wisconsin and preferably Pine Lake Camp. It was at that camp that Jamie and I both really embraced our faith and it is also the place where we met.

To make a long story short, after much debate and inner turmoil, I applied for and got the job of our dreams. I couldn't and still can't believe it. I am so eager to be there now, but there is still a lot of work to do here in Minnesota.

So as of May 1, I will be in a new job, in a new house and with a new start on life. I will certainly miss many aspects of my life here in Minnesota though. We have made great friends and I honestly have a great job here as well. But this is clearly God's hand moving in our life.

When I was at Pine Lake for the interview, I was walking around the camp praying. I remember standing on the edge of the lake looking out at the waves and just feeling this sense from God that I was meant to be here. It is amazing to know in my heart that God has this distinct plan for my life. It is something I have always known, but never experience like this.


Tim said...

Have you heard of Camp Lake Owen in Cable, WI? My brother and his wife met and married there. I was there for the wedding. It's a great place!

Nick said...

No, I've never heard of it. There are a lot of great camps in Wisconsin though. I have worked at two different camps and visited probably close to ten. It's a different life being at one.