Decision time Brett...seriously.

Now that I know I am going back to live in Wisconsin, I am suddenly re-energized to watch Wisconsin sports. I never really lost my love for the Packers, Badgers, Brewers and sometimes the Bucks, but the fire had certainly been stifled due to the lack of TV coverage here in the barren wasteland of Minnesota.

With that said, it is hard to avoid the soap opera that is the Brett Favre retirement tango. The "will he or won't he" back and forth has become a daily story not just for Wisconsin sports fans, but for fans across the country. The question is, why?

Well, I have to assume that the reason so many people are intrigued by this story is because it is about a player that people respect and enjoy watching play. Even the typically biased Minnesota sports radio heads have given Favre his due respect as of late. If this same drama were unfolding for someone like Vinny Testaverde or Rich Gannon, few people would bat an eye. Instead, we have one of the few true living legends of the NFL on the brink of ending an amazing career.

For people in Wisconsin it is an even bigger deal. Before Favre and Reggie White showed up, Green Bay was literally a joke. We were the team that other coaches threatened to send their under productive players to. We were the team that when people saw it on their schedule instantly assumed it would be a win. We were the team that year after year found a way to lose.

Favre changed that. He made winning not only a possibility but fun too. The way that we have won some of these games in the last ten years have been absolutely unbelievable. I almost became eager for there to be 2 minutes left and being down by a touchdown.

But now it is time for a decision Brett. For the sake of my sanity, you need to decide. I know you want there to be some improvements to the team, we all do. There is nothing I would want more than to have LaVaar Arrington and Charles Woodson on the defense, but if we don't do you really think we will be 4-12 again? Honestly, I'm pretty sure we can avoid the injury bug and have at least a 10-6 season. I just wish that was enough to bring back the most entertaining football player I have ever watched.

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