Pine Lake Logo

In my spare time, I threw together a potential logo for Pine Lake Camp. I plan on making a wide assortment of them and then taking a vote from regular visitors and the camping board. My hope is that this logo could be used on all signage, promotional materials, website, etc.

So...what do you think?


Anonymous said...

Love it....you are good. I am inspired. If you need any other ideas, would love to kick it around. Nicole

Nick said...

Not sure who you are, but if you want to throw out a few ideas, I'd be interested. I want to have a large selection of logos before I approach anyone about changing it. To me, it is important that cross is in the logo as it isn't in the current logo.

Sorry if I actually know who you are!

Tim said...

Looks good! PE stands out to me, though, and I'm not sure P.E. is the idea you want to communicate about camp, huh? :-)

Anonymous said...


This is Nicole, of Jay and Nicole, Jacki's sister in law.

muzik316 said...

i have a friend who is good at making logos. He has a degree in graphic design. i could ask him to see what he could do. he owes me a favor.