Ropes Course

Okay, so this isn't actually our ropes course, but it is very similar. No high-flying harnesses and helmets. Just elements that are about 12" off the ground. Not too exciting, right?

Well normally it isn't. During the summer you can get in a groove of doing these elements with kids and you learn what things work and what things don't. Experience is a great teacher.

However yesterday was a bit different. Instead of the energetic, wild, junior high age youth, I was facilitating for 8 lethargic, tired, middle-aged adults. It was different.

It's not to say it was a bad experience though. They all went into it with a positive attitude and they tried almost everything I threw at them. Two of the ladies were overweight and they still challenged themselves to laterally traverse the cargo net. A pretty daunting task for someone who was admittedly out of shape. I was very impressed with their determination and at the same time knowing their limits.

I think that is what I learned the most yesterday. While I could sometimes see the fear and apprehension on their faces, they often did their best to try and do the task before them. And it wasn't an issue of pride really, it was just a matter of challenging themselves.

I hope we get more adult groups to do ropes course here. It was really a different and educational experience for me. Hopefully they felt the same as well.


Tim said...

Man, I just imagine my mom trying to do some of that stuff. lol

joshua.michael said...

Two post in two days!! Whoa!