Why do I love Thanksgiving? Well, besides the food, the football, the family, and the inevitable turkey coma I will slip into later this afternoon, it's the sales.

I have had pretty good luck in the past getting decent deals. Nothing huge, but the typical free stack of cds or a big discount on a present for someone else. Never did I get a great deal for myself though. Until today.

The fine folks at Amazon were running a deal today at 1 pm to get a Xbox 360 core system for $100 instead of the typical $300. They only have 1,000 at this price, so I didn't really think I had a chance.

But like a glutton for punishment, I clicked away at the refresh button in hopes of winning the lottery. At about 12:57, the Amazon site locked up and I knew it was over.

But wait...what is this? I got through! I couldn't believe it. Sure, I still have to pay $100, but it's a great deal. And best of all, it makes the decision of PS3 or Xbox 360 really easy.

Time to go update my Amazon Christmas list...


joshua.michael said...

Dude that is so sweet. I was going to try to get one two, but I was nowhere near a computer at 1:00.

uncle tim said...

I can't believe you crossed over to the dark side. It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Tim said...

Wow, $100 for Xbox 360? Nice!

All my gaming is on PC, though, so I'm not sure I'd even spend $100 for it. I just wouldn't use it enough.