Sick Day

I don't think I actually ever felt as bad as the guy in the illustration looks, so consider it an "artist rendering." I did have to take a sick day today though. I don't really feel bad though. I haven't taken a sick day since I moved back to Wisconsin in May. Before that, I was being ravaged by sickness pretty regularly in Mankato. I guess that's one of the perks of living away from civilization.

In an unrelated story (no really, I'm serious) my Xbox 360 came yesterday afternoon. I was to incapacitated to really enjoy it, but I'm pretty excited for Christmas and the eventual addition of some new games. Boy I'm nerdy.

Sorry for the short post, but all I did today was sleep and be babied by my great wife. My new visualization of heaven is surprise chicken noodle soup when you wake up from a nap on the couch.


Tim said...

we didn't take sick days in 'nam....pansy

joshua.michael said...

I find it funny that in your subject cloud, BADGERS is huge and everything else is pretty tiny.