Okay, so as usual, this is not the actual picture, but I did have a small accident last night. As I went to go get the camp truck to bring the day's garbage from the dining hall to the dumpster, I hit a tree. Not like, full on, but I did clip the back end of the truck on it.

So how did this happen? Well, there were many factors. First, I am stressed out. We are currently serving one of our most important groups of the year. Also, I am due for a day off and am anxiously looking forward to a vacation. Also, the truck was parked in an unusual location. It was parked very close to some trees instead of it's normal position. Also (that's right, 3 alsos in a row), it was pitch black out.

When I started the truck I turned the corner and felt the tail end hop to the side. I figured I hit a rut and didn't worry about it. Later I went and looked at the back of the truck and was shocked to see a big dent in the side. It doesn't affect the performance of the truck, but it does look kind of bad.

I really beat myself off when stuff like this happens. My coworkers are very understanding, but I'm my own worse critic. I'm getting better now, but please pray for me to let this go.


uncle tim said...

don't worry about it...those trees can come out of nowhere this time of year...with the hunting season and all.

ryan said...

How many burnout points did you get for it? Maybe video games ARE a bad influance...

I'll borrow a welder and we can fix that thing up. Although I hear chest hair is pretty flammable...we'll have Tim work on the truck.

Tim said...

At least you're okay. That's what matters. :-)

Jared said...

I love you NICK!!

Yours truly,