Two Wins!!

It's a rare occasion. It seems this year that whenever the Badgers win, the Packers lose, or vice-versa. I like to think of it as how I remain humble and remember that each win can be followed by a loss.

But not this weekend. In two HUGE games, the Badgers go to Iowa and win (which is a huge win) and the Packers go to Minnesota and win. Wow. Just wow. And to make matters even better, with all the college football shake-up, the Badgers jumped up to number 10 in the BCS. If they can hold onto this 1 loss record, they will be in great shape at the end of the season.

Now the Packers, that's different. I'm still not getting too over excited. This is such a young and inexperienced team that I am never surprised when they seem to lose their head and have a coverage break down. Hopefully they can tighten this all up and next year do some damage.

Which brings me to Favre. Suddenly people are saying, "hey, he's playing pretty good. Why not 5 more years?" Well, maybe not 5, but McCarthy did say he would like him to consider at least 2. I'm not arguing against that logic, I just think it's an interesting change of heart for all the critics. Heck, I even picked him up on one of my fantasy teams since he is playing so well lately.

We'll see with next week though. The Packers are playing at New England who just lost to the Jets. I'm pretty sure they are going to be an angry team. Great.

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ryan said...

From Statboy:
Badgers are actually #9 in the BCS.