The Deadliest of Snowshoes

This is one of those stories that you wish you could undo, but at the same time, it is perfect for blogging.

So today in the office I decided to make the transition from fall decorations (pumpkins and scarecrows) to winter decorations (wreaths and trees). The real motivation for this was a pair of old snowshoes that my father-in-law gave to me. I have been eager to have them up in the office as a decoration and also to get them out of my office.

Ideally I wanted to hang the snowshoes in a criss-cross (not to be confused with 90's rap all-stars Kriss-Kross) fashion on the wall. It couldn't be that hard, right? So I got out some string and tied them together. After several minutes of fighting with them to get them just right, I realized I didn't need string at all, I needed some wire.

Being the burly woodsy guy that I am, I decided it would be faster to pull the snowshoes apart, rather than untying them. It was just kite string, right?

So I started pulling. I guess I didn't really realize just how hard I was pulling though. That is, I didn't realize until the string eventually snapped and sent one of the snowshoes right into my forehead. Ouch.

I just stood there stunned for a second. Did that really just happen? I reached up and felt my handywork and found a nice welt where I was hit.

After swallowing my pride, I tried to get some more work done. After about a half-hour though, my head was hurting pretty good and it was already 4 pm. So I went home.

When Jamie saw me, the first thing I said was "I got attacked by a snowshoe." After she stopped laughing she told me I had a red mark where it hit me. I didn't even think to look in the mirror, but sure enough, there it was.

Now my only fear that I will wake up with a big bruise or even a black eye from a freakin' snowshoe. Great.


Zach said...

That is a great story to tell at parties. Make sure you capture the image of your forehead.

uncle tim said...

you went home from work because you got a bump on your forehead? Is camp like pre-school? sheesh.

JDL said...

You have to look out for those snowshoes, they will get you every time. A friend of mine had a surf board fall off the wall at applebees and hit her on the head leaving a nice mark too. it was so funny...