Dear H&R Block: I hate you.

So I thought I was being proactive. I historically wait until the last minute to do my taxes so when I started them last month using H&R Block's online program, I figured I was way ahead of the game. Today I learned I was wrong.

Last year I used H&R Block's competitor, TurboTax. It worked well, but this year I saw that H&R Block offered free filing for low income households (which we certainly apply for). So I went through the paces and finally wrapped up my federal return today. As I finished, I was greeted with an interesting message:

...each state filing will cost $24.95...

Great. Okay. So I'll bite the bullet and pay up. The next screen is what really bothered me though:

...we're sorry, we cannot create state tax filings for those who have lived in more than one state in 2005...

Alright, that sucks. I spent all this time getting my federal return together on here for two reasons; it was free and it would allow me to transfer that data to my state returns. Now that those benefits are gone, I am actually redoing my taxes using TurboTax simply on principle. I refuse to give H&R Block any money after these two surprises.

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