Happy Valen...Tooth Repair Day!

If only I had listened to Ali and His Gang...then I might not have had to endure some serious pain on Valentine's Day. I've never been one to really "celebrate" a holiday as lame as Valentine's Day, but my wife and I really went to the other extreme of enjoyment; we had dental work done.

Each of us had two appointments. For my experience I had a cleaning first, and then a filling. Really it was more than a filling. It was kind of like gutting a building and starting over. I think I have about 2% actual tooth left on that one. I was actually supposed to have 4 fillings yesterday, but instead I only had one since this one was so massive. Ugh. My jaw still hurts.

The upside of a filling is to know that it's actually taken care of. I was to the point where I couldn't really enjoy cold foods without discomfort, so I guess that is a plus. I just hope I can keep up the new strict dental hygiene regiment so I don't have many more problems in the future.

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