Never Plan for an Easy Day

It seems like all the blogs I read (including my own) got all serious yesterday, so I wanted to make sure I come up for air in my post today.

It's funny how you can plan to have an easy day and it winds up being just the opposite. This weekend at the camp we are not expecting a big crowd by any stretch of the imagination. Probably a total of 10 people in a few cabins who are all doing their own meals.

I am certainly thankful for this break and today when I went to the office I was eager to hit the ground running and get a lot done.

As I walked in the door of the office I was greeted by 6 large boxes of new mugs for the camp store. Okay, I can put these away. It's always fun opening boxes. No problem, right?

So then I hear someone calling for me from down in the office. A semi showed up with our new dining hall tables. Great! We need those tables! Well, it turns out it was a full length semi. For those who have never been to this camp (or probably almost any camp) full length semis are bad news. Typically our roads are so narrow and turn so sharply with trees on the edges that semis struggle to get where they need to go.

After an half-hour of back and forth, the driver realized we couldn't get to where we need to go. Okay, we will just unload and cart them in from a distance. No problem, right?

Well, it wouldn't be normally. As we opened the back of the trailer, the driver looked at me, swore, and then, "This truck doesn't have a power lift. And that load is 1,200 lbs. so we can't use the ramp."

Okay. Problem solving. I guess we just lift each piece down, right? Well, that "we" turned out to be me and the maintenace guy here at camp. The driver "supervised" despite being "way behind schedule."

And that brought us to noon. Then I had to get some butter and a muffin pan for a guest staying in one of the cabins. No problem, but again, just losing grip of the "easy day."

When it was all said and done, this day was really no help in my great battle against the office work waiting for me. It's funny how that works. I will never again plan to get a lot done in a day. Just let it happen.

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