Pigskin Persecution

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. I actually wrote a really long post on Saturday but then my computer crashed and I lost it before it got posted. Kind of frustrating.

On Sunday at church they had a special "Persecution Sunday." I thought it was kind of weird to be almost celebrating something so horrible, but I am glad I was there. Pastor Murphy gave a great sermon on how little we know about persecution. He gave the example of how Christ often prayed for the world, even when the world wanted nothing to do with Him.

I found this really interesting and started looking at my life in light of this concept. Do I really know what persecution is as a Christian? Even if I was constantly spouting scripture and asking people "Do you know Jesus?" in the grocery store, would I be truly persecuted? Of course not. At best I would be looked at kind of funny.

As my mind continued to wrestle with this, I looked around the sanctuary at the few people who were wearing purple and gold. This Sunday was a very big deal in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The big Packers Vs. Vikings game. It was one of the games that people looked forward to all year long.

Being born in Wisconsin and moving to the home of the Vikings' training camp certainly has it's hurdles too. Even my wife is afraid to wear her bright yellow Packers hat in public. I have to reassure her that people won't make fun of her (even though I know there is a good chance they will).

And that's when it hits me. As a Christian, I am accepted and my message is more or ignored. But as a sports fan, I am looked at quite differently. I am despised for things that I haven't even done. People dislike me for the team I associate with. Something seem backwards to you?

So what would it take to be persecuted as a Christian? Well, I don't know. I suppose if I did something that made people angry, that would do the trick, but I'm not sure that is the goal. I mean, Christ made people angry, but not for being mean, just for being so different that he challenged their ideals of life.

Maybe that's all it takes. Maybe all I really need to do is continue on with the ideas that the Bible presents (which are often in direct contrast to mainstream society) and eventually people will find my way of life so unnerving that I am persecuted...but do I want that either?

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