This is a Travi-Sham-Mockery!

Feeling pretty tired this morning. I really wanted to just stay in bed...forever.

We had the Turkey Hunt last night which was pretty fun. I was a little frustrated by some of the questions, but it's no big deal. I don't mind losing, I just don't like losing when things aren't fair. Probably a product of my overly competitive nature.

Then as soon as I got home, I started playing SOCOM 2. Seriously, that game is destroying me. I know the game is like a year old, but the online play is pretty amazing. Just being able to interact with people makes it so addicting. It doesn't hurt that I get to play it with my best friend from Minneapolis too. Always a bonus.

Unfortunately all this chasing turkeys and killing virtual terrorists has gotten me pretty tired. I went to bed at 11:21 PM last night. I don't think I will be up that late tonight. I would bet 10 at the latest. But then again, I have been wrong before...

Pretty busy day here at work. I am waiting for a phone call right now so I thought I would rattle this off before I forget. It's looking like I will be putting in 50 hour weeks until the end of the year. If we hadn't just bought a house I might be complaining, but we can use the money.

Speaking of which, in exactly one month we will be in our new house now! Kind of scary, but exiciting all the same. Last night a girl from the youth said she has some relatives that are willing to give us their washer and dryer for $60. It's down in Iowa, but her dad is willing to get it for us. Sounds like an answer to prayer to me...

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Joshua.Michael said...

Hey man, I thought I would like to be the first person to comment on your blog. If you go over to my blog you will see that I have added you to my blogroll. I am looking forward to some nerdy blogging about how you can't seem to win killer bunnies. You day in the sun will come. Hey...you would have won last time if your sister wasn't there. :)