Day after Thanksgiving...

While some people view today as a day to indulge in mass consumerism, to me it is much different. In fact, this whole weekend I am kind of declaring as a weekend of rest and "doing" very little. My body and mind really need some recovery.

The big meal yesterday was great though. I think I am still full. We ate lunch at 1:30 yesterday and I didn't eat dinner and I still didn't eat much for breakfast either. I had some great time with friends and family too. My dad's side of the family was very excited to see my wife's big belly and was eager to give their rendition of how their kids were born. It was kind of weird to think that I am actually that old now. I have officially moved from being one of the faces at the kids table to another adult with kids on the way. Scary.

Today I plan on watching a lot of football. My wife is spending time with her mom and sister setting up Christmas decorations at her mom's house. I plan on spending time at my mom's house, passing in and out of conciousness while watching college football (Texas vs. Texas A&M) and spending some quality time with my mom's cat. My mom should be back later this afternoon so hopefully we can spend some time together as well.

Well, that's about it for now. I pray that you are all having a great Thanksgiving holiday and that you are having a restful few days.

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