Going Back to Work

The worst part of not being at work is the coming back. My wife and I got back to Mankato around 8 pm last night and I unpacked until 9 pm. There is still some to be done, but most of my things are unpacked. I think Jamie still needs to unpack her massive luggage though...

But back to the topic at hand. I really do not want to be here today. I don't think anyone really does though. I see the blinking red light on my phone and I have very little motivation to actually check what the messages are. It doesn't help that it is raining today which in general makes me sleepy and unmotivated.

Of course I will press on and get some stuff done here in the next few minutes though. I just needed to write something to vent my frustration of coming back to work after a long break. Especially when that break is back in Wisconsin...man I miss Wisconsin...

Packers dropped another one as well, bringing their record to 2-8. I think this is the worst I have ever seen them do in a season. I was reading that if the Lions cut Mariucci free that the Packers might pursue him. That would be pretty nice. I really respect him as a coach. If we can get Mooch and get the first pick in the draft to get Reggie Bush, I'll suddenly be reenergized for Packer football.

Also had a great time at my old church yesterday. It is always really encouraging to see how that congregation continues to grow and pursue God. Whenever people say that traditional churches are dead, that is the first church that comes to mind that is fighting that stereotype. They may sing hymns, but they aren't dead. God is doing incredible things there and they are incredibly humble about it. I hope someday my family can live close enough to attend that church again. It would be a huge blessing.

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