The long drive back to the motherland

Well, I'm staring a long drive in the face tonight. 5.5 hours. Ugh. To make matters worse (although I love her dearly) my pregnant wife will require regular stops along the drive. I'm kind of hoping we can go an hour at a time between stops, but even that will just kill our road time.

The upside of this trip is that this will be the first time we have had a long trip since we bought an iPod. I took the time to load the iPod up with some NPR staples such as Prairie Home Companion and This American Life. We always try really hard to listen to those shows when we travel and it will be a nice treat to have them at our command for the entire trip if we see fit.

I am really looking forward to seeing relatives and friends back in Wisconsin as well. There is something about that state that just feels like home yet. I am really hopeful that someday I can get back there, but I know the odds of it aren't great. Still, I am eager to see my parents who I haven't seen in about six months now.

Well, I need to get some work done before I take off around noon. Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels if applicable.

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