Oh my poor Packers...

Poor Brett. Gotta give him credit though. This has to be the hardest season of his career. He is honestly doing so much, but it is being choked out by a rebuilding defense and an offense plagued by injuries.

I was talking to my coworkers (all Vikings fans) and they all think Brett should be traded after this season so he can end his career on a high note.

Since when did Vikings fans start looking out for the best interest of Brett Favre? I have a suspicion that they really just don't want to play against him anymore. I don't blame them either. It would scare me too.

I don't think it would be the right time to trade Favre though. I really think he needs to finish his career in Green Bay. Also, kind of as an upside to a horrible season, we could end up with Reggie Bush from USC if we do bad enough this year. From the all the college ball I have watched in the past few years I am ready to say Reggie Bush is the best all around player I have seen in the last five years. Sure would be nice to pair him with Favre for a few years and to have him with Aaron Rodgers long-term.

For that to happen though the Packers would need to drop several more games though. I'm not sure my heart can take that. It's painful enough each time they lose. I honestly think I am too emotionally involved with this team.

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