Happy Birthday to Jesus (and me)!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Mine was quite good. We had some of Jamie's family up, so it was fun and a little crowded in the house. I missed not seeing my family, but they will be here to see the baby soon enough I'm sure.

It was an abundance of videogames this year. 5 games in total which when added to the literal drawer full of unfinished games I already have, I don't see myself buying a new game for quite some time. Perhaps it will hold me over until the Playstation 3 is released?

It was also my birthday yesterday which was really just a day of relaxing. I played some of my new games and we went out to TimberLodge for dinner where I had a great prime rib. Whenever you can eat so much for dinner that you can skip breakfast the next morning because you are still full is a great thing.

Tonight I don't really plan on doing too much. Probably work on cleaning up the remains of Christmas. I'm not sure what the Mankato policy is on tree removal, but I would like to get rid of our tree fairly soon. It is starting to loose needles like crazy.

I have some stuff to share about the church service I went to on Christmas Eve, but I'll share that another time. I should get back to work for now.

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