It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...

Last night we went to a friend's house to celebrate my birthday and eat some cake. Then we decided to watch a couple of videos from my past. Pretty embarrassing stuff.

The first one we watched was from when I was interviewed on Fox News. Several years ago there was this crazy pipe bomber who drove around the midwest trying to create a smiley face with bombs. It just so happened that this guy went to the same college as me and since I was running the campus newspaper at the time it kind of vaulted me into the national media. It was a crazy experience and certainly one I will tell my kids about someday.

Anyway, I was interviewed on Fox News to give the "pulse of the campus" and I totally screwed up. I ended up saying the wrong name twice and I just looked like a wreck. Probably because I was a wreck though...no sleep for two days does that to a person.

The second video we watched was from me in high school. Back in the day my church youth group did a little something called "human videos." If you are unfamiliar, they are basically acting out the motions to song to try and convey a message. At the time it seemed like a pretty revolutionary concept, but looking back at it today it's pretty ridiculous. The worst part was that I was playing the role of Jesus and was actually in a loin cloth. Gross.

It's funny, because I remember several times where I knew we had made an impact on people and that they had had their faith moved. It's hard to imagine that now that I see how hokey it looked. I guess God even uses ridiculous things to reach people sometimes.


Zach said...

1 Corinthians 1:27 Is good one. Its fun to think back to the days we were perhaps braver than we thought.

Nick said...

Perhaps. I'm just glad God didn't call me to a life of loin cloth ministry for the future. I'm not sure my psyche could handle that!