In the desert, learning to trust my God.

Amazing how much difference a day makes. I know yesterday I was all doom and gloom about my work situation, but I feel a lot better about it today. In several high speed emails with my friend Tim who is going through a similar situation, I really felt God lay the story of Moses on me.

I may be unhappy or discontent with my current job situation, but at times God's people go through...stuff. Moses and the Israelites for example. They had to wander in the desert for 40 years to get to the promised land. During that time they learned to rely on God for direction (pillar of fire) and for sustanance (manna). Perhaps I am expected to do the same during this time in my life? I may get frustrated at times, but I need to rely on God to be my direction and my sustainer.

I also got some more encouragement from a superior of mine at work. He told me how he has had a major career redirection about every 6 years during his life. So even though it looks like career is a long-term deal, it actually has a lot of interesting subplots going on. That was good to hear as well.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend and she should actually be at our house when I get home tonight. It will be good to have her around as Jamie and I are both feeling kind of overwhelmed. A lot of commitments are getting harder to keep during these last days of the pregnancy. I know my commitment to the youth ministry, but some meetings are just not fun for me right now.

Oh yeah, and we got 4 more inches of snow last night. Nice.

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Jeanne said...

Did you enjoy shoveling? Enjoy your mom.