12 Hours in a Recliner (or How I Spent My Day Off)

If there is one thing that is great about the start of a new year, it's the football. For someone who loves college football it doesn't get any better than this week. All the best teams finally playing each other for the last game of many players lives or, if they are lucky, one last chance to impress NFL scouts.

Yesterday I watched 4 full football games. I'm not even joking. I watched the Gator, Capitol One, Fiesta and Sugar Bowls. That's a lot of Bowls. The best part was that none of the games really disappointed. I couldn't believe Wisconsin ran away with the game against Auburn. Where has that defense been all year?

So by the end of the day, I had literally spent 12 hours in a recliner in front of the TV. Normally I would feel obese after such lazy behavior, but since we are expecting our first kid any day now, I figured this was probably my last chance to really enjoy a football game.

Other big news yesterday was the firing of the Packers head coach. I'd like to say that I'll miss him, but I never really liked Coach Sherman. I'm hoping we can get someone really outstanding like Ferentz from Iowa or possibly just promote Jim Bates from Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach. Only time will tell how this impacts Favre's career potential as well.

Tomorrow is the last doctor's appointment for the baby. If we don't have the kid tonight, we will be scheduling inducement sometime next week. I really don't want to induce since it takes the excitement out of the moment of labor, but either way I'll just be glad to finally be able to hold the little one.


joshua.michael said...

Dude...I thought about calling you yesterday, to ask what you were up to. However, I taped the Iowa game and I was afraid it would get spoiled. I didn't watch any of the Wisconsin game cause I didn't want to see any of the Iowa scores.

Congrats on the your day of laziness. You are right about the baby. However...I have a feeling you are going to get in quite a bit of late-night video gaming while your up late feeding baby.

joshua.michael said...

You've been tagged! Let's see if I can start something with this.

From Joshua.

Hey...this will be a fun game! So find another person with an IPOD or Itunes and post your top 5 songs from the "25 most played" list on your blog, no matter how random they may be. If their is a tie for a song break the tie by picking the song most recently played. Be sure to link the person that tagged you.

5. "Jackson" Johnny Cash

4. "Ring of Fire" Johnny Cash

3. "Overture" Celtic Romance (I know, pretty girly)

2. "21st Century (Digital Boy)" Bad Religion

1. "Folsome Prison Blues (Live" Johnny Cash

Nick said...

Nice idea. Not sure I'll be able to find 3 people with iPods, but I'll try.

My songs are posted in today's post.