iPod Tagging

My buddy Josh came up with a pretty ingenious idea. In the spirit of sharing the most personal information imaginable on a blog, he is calling for all iPod users to post their current top five songs listened to. Truly a glimpse into a man/woman's soul.

So without further ado:

1. Are You Lonely? by The River Bends (also happens to be the first song alphabetically in my library.)

2. Save It For A Rainy Day by The Jayhawks (it's been cloudy in Minnesota lately)

3. I'll Fly Away by Jars of Clay (I'm a sucker for old hymn remakes)

4. Evergreen by Switchfoot (coming off the Christmas season...)

5. We Are by Number One Gun (most recent CD purchase)

This list is really not a very accurate reflection of my listening habits though. I really use my iPod for podcasts more than anything. Every morning I listen to daily scripture readings from Bible in a Year and the ESPN podcast to catch me up on any sports stories I might have missed.

Speaking of sports stories, I stayed up until midnight last night watching the triple overtime Orange Bowl. Amazing game. I couldn't believe the human drama that was playing out with the kickers. In the end Penn State won as I predicted though, so that was nice.

Also in sad news, my prayers go out to the families and friends of the coal miners that died in West Virginia. I was as excited as everyone else when the news came out that 12 had survived last night only to hear this morning that they got the story wrong and only 1 had survived. That has to be heart wrenching. May God bless those families with a peace of His presence.

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