Last Day of Work

Okay, so maybe that isn't be punching out on my last day of work, but it is some guy doing it and I'll be doing the same thing later today. And I will definitely give the thumbs up to anyone with a camera in the area.

It's really weird being here. It is kind of rewarding though since a lot of people are coming up to me and telling me they will be praying for my success or how much they enjoyed working with me. I'm really trying hard to convey a moment of Christ to everyone I talk to, but it is difficult not to just force it in most cases.

This also marks the last day of daycare for the little peanut Leah. I'm really glad actually. She needs to be home with Jamie. I'm sure she will be a happier baby because of it. I can't wait to see her multiple times everyday.

I'm in the midst of designing the new website for Pine Lake. I have more or less decided to design it myself. My hope is that it will be a learning experience for me and that I can use that knowledge to start designing websites for other camps or ministries in the future. From the research I have done it looks like a lot of camps have really lousy websites. I'll be happy to change that as much as I can.

We also had a pretty huge blessing yesterday. My friend Josh called me and told me he had free tickets for Jamie and I to see Switchfoot in Mankato this weekend. I really wanted to go all along, but I figured we could save the money and that we had enough other stuff going on. However, after the past couple of weeks, it will be great to go to a concert and unwind a little. Much thanks to Josh for the gift!


Zach said...

Hey man,
Congrats on moving on to new things. I also just quit my job. Its tough to lose that stability. But what stability we have in Christ.


josh said...

ahhh...thanks man!

Tim said...

One thing I always thought would be cool for a camp website is for it to be a place where campers could interact with each other all year long. By the time camp ends each week, the campers hate leaving each other and desperately want to stay in touch. An interactive camp website might be a good place for that to take place. Of course forums are simple to set up, but everyone and their mom has a forum these days. Maybe a photo album where kids and post their camp pictures and other images throughout the year would be cool. If you have the time, a weekly Bible study might be cool to post online to encourage campers to stay in God's Word throughout the year. *shrugs*