Packing Up My Life

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Despite how cute Leah looks in this picture, packing is not fun. The stress of the house not being sold yet and just getting everything ready is really starting to wear on us. I keep telling myself that this is all God's will and His timing will come as soon as He is ready. I just need to keep this whole trust thing in perspective.

I am still fairly eager to get back to Wisconsin though. I always feel like I am "home" when I am in Wisconsin. I look forward to that feeling. And also to that feeling that what I am doing is more of an impact in the hearts, minds and souls of others. Far more than just working for a printing company is at least.

Sorry this isn't a longer post, but I am exhausted. I need to go rest or play a videogame or something to get my energy back.


Tim said...

Man, I had to do the same thing last night! After a night of wedding planning (that really didn't get us anywhere because of Dana already being stressed out), I just had to sit down and play two hours of Guild Wars before going to bed.

Nick said...

Hey, congrats by the way! I have meant to comment on your blog, but I'm crazy busy this week.

I ended up beating Sly 3 last night just to get to bed at midnight. Ugh.